The journey to TENNESSEE...


It's out there! My debut EP "TENNESSEE"! Such an exciting event for me!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that it is finally out after these crazy and intense 7 months of working on it and I am very moved by the warm welcome it has received from all of you!

My friends and family had been asking me to record a CD for so many years now... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dreaming of it, but somehow the timing just never felt right. And, immortalizing my songs seemed to be such a scary step to make.

I wanted them to bloom, I wanted them to grow with me over time, I wanted to be sure of them. Probably because I had not truly found myself yet...

...until April 2016, during my 2-month trip to Nashville.

Inspiration was flowing, songs were getting written incredibly fast, music was being shared. I was surrounded by amazing artists, great professionals and incredible friends who were carrying me further... I had nothing else on my mind but the music. It suddenly became clear to me, halfway through my journey, that I was not leaving Music City without a little souvenir, without making it happen there!

This is how in just over a month, 5 songs were written, arranged and recorded ! It seems easy said like that, but... not quite! It was a crazy race against time with a mix between excitement, anxiety and a terrible need for perfectionism. I'll tell you more about it throughout my blog posts.

These past few years, my friends have been getting married, having children... celebrating those big life events you want to share with everyone. Well, the release of this EP is that important life event to me. It was a childhood dream that has now become real, that very special moment you want to share with everyone :-)

So, here's the deal... Now that you've heard the music, I'd like to tell you the story of its making of, and I will also introduce you to the people who made it happen with me, because it would never have been done without them. These people rocked my world, showed me kindness and friendship and I'd like to give it back to them in the best possible way. And, I'd also like to take those of you who followed my blog TakeOff Avenue through the rest of the story :-)

I hope you'll join me to relive the making-of of this CD with the stories behind the songs and the whole project, behind-the-scenes photos, the people, etc.

This is where it all began, at my home in Nashville (Music City Hostel):

Music City Hostel, Nashville TN, USA

A bientôt !

Diana K.

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