'TENNESSEE' is the name of Diana K.’s debut EP, released November 29th, 2016. It is the result of many years of dedication to music, alongside a career in marketing. Two conflicting passions that gave birth to the song “Society Wants” in 2011, recorded for the first time in Nashville in spring 2016, together with the four freshly written songs of the EP.


Sudden and unexpected, the creation of 'TENNESSEE' “happened” during a two-month trip to Nashville, when Diana suddenly decided she needed a break from life and work: it was finally time to give music a chance to blossom. Thanks to her songwriting lessons with Antoinette Olesen, three new songs were written in no time and it seemed obvious they needed to be recorded in Nashville, where musical inspiration was flowing.


With the help of amazing musician friends, in Nashville and Switzerland, the project came to life very quickly and grew into this EP that carries every bit of character of Diana K. but also, the very special touch of each special person who took part in it.


The result? Five songs. Each one with a character and style of its own but all strongly representative of Diana K. as a person. From friendship, to love, passion, business and travel, this EP is like a colour palette of the past few years of her life.

Further back in time...


Diana K. was born singing. At 9, she started learning classical guitar at Monaco's music academy and very quickly became inseparable from her 6-string, wooden instrument. Suddenly being able to accompany herself a few years later, she got up on stage at open mics and on any possible occasion. A girl and a guitar, it was as simple as that. But, she felt the stage was her world. She had something to share.


Strong support from family and friends encouraged her to attempt music contests and castings. Among those, her first prize at Monaco's Young Talent contest gave her the opportunity to perform on the Principality's biggest stages. She wrote her first song “Farewell isn’t my Friend” in 2006.


After having moved to Switzerland to study business and marketing in 2006, Diana’s heart was still with music. A contest organized by NRJ Radio in France granted her the opportunity to sing a duet with Jesse McCartney at La Laiterie in Strasbourg (FR) and she soon found her place on Swiss stages as well, like opening for Fredrika Stahl's concert at Lausanne's well known music club "Bleu Lézard".

As time seemed to be quickly running out when she started working full time in marketing, frustrations also started settling in. She needed to be on stage, but... she also needed to work. Although she developed a passion for marketing, her two activities were conflicting and the resulting frustrations gave birth to the song 'Society Wants'. With this original song, a whole new world seemed to open its doors to her: songwriting was the answer to keep the music going in her heart and share it.

In 2016, Diana K. decided to take a two-month break from work and took off for the USA to work on her songwriting and vocal technique in Nashville. This was the unexpected birth of her debut EP 'TENNESSEE'.